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homage to humble beginnings

1812 Indefatigable Limited Edition Whisky is a homage to the humble beginnings of the convicts that left England in 1812 on the ship the Indefatigable.

Four generations later this lead to the opening of Tasmania Distillery Pty Ltd. and the production of this magnificent 14 year old Whisky. Each year only 100 bottles will become available making this a rare Single Malt, Single Cask Whisky.

1812 Indefatigable 1812 Indefatigable

the world's best whisky

Expertly produced by Tasmania Distillery Pty Ltd. makers of Sullivans Cove Whisky winners of The World’s Best Single Malt, at the World Whisky Awards 2014.

1812 Indefatigable is aged to perfection for 14 years and is the only whisky available from Tasmania Distillery Pty Ltd. that is made uniquely at 50% ABV.

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1812 Indefatigable 1812 Indefatigable

the artisans

Every detail of 1812 Indefatigable Whisky has been expertly planned and crafted by the best artisans in the business.

From the individually designed bottle made from finest handmade crystal, the bespoke distressed oak chest, to the solid Irish silver bottle stopper and label designed around commissioned artwork.

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1812 Indefatigable

the legend begins here

On June 4th 1812 under the command of John Cross, the Indefatigable set sail to transport 200 convicts to Van Diemen's Land, (Tasmania).

Built in 1799, she was as a square-rigged three-master with a length of 127 feet and had three decks. Her hull was sheathed in copper. She sailed via Rio de Janeiro and arrived at Port Jackson on 6 December.

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1812 Indefatigable